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Bioinformatics and functional genomics

Computational Biology Unit
Paolo Provero 

Bioinformatics and Genomics unit (B&Gu)
Raffaele Adolfo Calogero

The Functional Genomics Core Facility
Roberto Piva

Cardiovascular Research

Role of the phosphoinositol kinases for heart hypertrophy
Emilio Hirsch

Role of the axis IL-6/STAT3/complement in regulating chronic inflammation and heart auto-immunity
Valeria Poli

New molecular mechanisms involved in vascular and heart development using the zebrafish vertebrate system
Massimo Santoro

Mechanisms of heme toxicity on the cardiovascular system
Emanuela Tolosano

Cancer Biology

Signalling platforms in cancer: molecular and functional characterisation and translational strategies
Paola Defilippi -  Emilia Turco

p130Cas adaptor as a crucial regulator of development and trasformation of epithelial tissues 
Sara Cabodi

Morgana, a CHORD-containing protein, in tumor onset and progression
Mara Brancaccio

Angiogenesis/Vasculogenesis in solid tumors
Benedetta Bussolati 

Role of the phosphoinositol kinases in tumor formation
Emilio Hirsch

Impact of heme/iron metabolism on tumor cell growth and sensitivity to therapy
Emanuela Tolosano

Novel high-throughput approaches for minimal residual disease (MRD) detection in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)
Marco Ladetto

A Roadmap To Personalized Treatment Of Non Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL)
Roberto Piva

Correlations between energy metabolism, calcium homeostasis, tumor stroma and tumor growth
Valeria Poli

MicroRNA and adhesion molecules involved in tumor progression
Daniela Taverna

Mechanisms and therapies of chromosomal translocations in cancers
Roberto Chiarle

Tumor-microenvironment interactions in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Marta Coscia - Massimo Massaia

Tumor Immunology

The road towards vaccine that prevent tumor formation
Federica Cavallo

Novel combinatorial strategy to enhance HER2 vaccine efficacy
Mirella Giovarelli

Searching for pancreatic cancer theranostic targets
Francesco Novelli

Mechanisms and therapies of chromosomal translocations in cancers
Roberto Chiarle

Microenvironment-mediated immune escape and drug resistance in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders
Massimo Massaia

Multiple Myeloma Unit
Antonio Palumbo

Inflammation and autoimmunity

Role of the phosphoinositol kinases in inflammation
Emilio Hirsch

Role of hypoxia on the modulation of immunoregulatory receptors in human Langherans cells
Mirella Giovarelli

T helper cell subsets and IFNs signalling pathways  in autoimmunity
Francesco Novelli

Role of the axis IL-6/STAT3 in regulating chronic inflammation and tumor onset 
Valeria Poli

Iron metabolism

Identification and functional characterization of genes involved in heme-iron metabolism
Emanuela Tolosano

Molecular imaging

High sensitivity MR imaging reporters 
Silvio Aime

Developmental biology

New molecular mechanisms involved in vascular and heart development using the zebrafish vertebrate system
Massimo Santoro

Genetics of skeletal and brain embryonic development
Giorgio Merlo


Integration of cytoskeletal and membrane trafficking events during proliferation and differentiation of neuronal precursors
Ferdinando Di Cunto

Identification of new molecular targets for Alzheimer disease
Ferdinando Di Cunto

Genetics of brain embryonic development / GABA neuronal differentiation
Giorgio Merlo

Investigation of the molecular mechanisms linking heme metabolism to the degeneration of sensory neurons
Emanuela Tolosano

Stem cell research 

Molecular mechanisms controlling self-renewal and differentiation of epithelial stem cells
Enzo Calautti

Stem cells and regenerative medicine
Fiorella Altruda

Regenerative Medicine 
Benedetta Bussolati 

Transcription regulation and GABA neuronal differentiation of neural stem cells
Giorgio Merlo

Long-term Immune Reconstitution of the T Cell Compartment and Thymic FunctionAfter Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Benedetto Bruno


Morphologic and molecular biology identification of subtypes of essential thrombocythaemia
Achille Pich

Medicinal chemistry

Isotropic and anisotropic lipophilicity to model permeability of new therapeutic peptides (LIMPET)
Giulia Caron

In-silico strategies to handle molecular interactions complexity (SCIAME)
Giuseppe Ermondi

Combination of in silico and experimental strategies to unravel Alzheimer's disease (ADCombi)
Giulia Caron - Giuseppe Ermondi

Nanotechnology in medicinal chemistry
Sonja Visentin

Physicochemical aspects of drug-protein, protein-protein and PNA-DNA interactions
Sonja Visentin

Mass spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Unit
Claudio Baiocchi - Claudio Medana 

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