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Giulia Prof. Caron 

The development of oral peptides is of utmost relevance to overcome the paucity of newly marketed drugs. One of the main needs in peptide-based drug discovery is improving absorption and disposition.
Permeability is a surrogate property for predicting oral absorption of preclinical drug candidate molecules. The prediction of permeability is therefore a major challenging problem in modern drug discovery.
The main aim of the project is to achieve a breakthrough in the prediction of permeability by using isotropic and anisotropic lipophilicity. The rational for this approach is that the intermolecular forces that govern the interaction of drugs with membrane lipids and proteins are the same as those that govern lipophilicity.
In practice, we will apply chemometric tools and Machine Learning technologies to discover if it exists a relationship (either linear or non-linear) that allows the prediction of peptides permeability (measured in cell lines) on the basis of experimental non-conventional lipophilicity indexes.

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